How to Pick a Barber

Before you enter the shop

Ask around. Ask your friends and family for suggestions if you are new to town or unhappy with your current barber. Men who have great haircuts are a good source of recommendations. They may know of a great barber they would be happy to recommend.

Search online. Ask your friends for recommendations on barbers. Then, see what the internet has to offer. Ben and Von suggested that Google searches be made with keywords such as “men’s grooming” or “barbershops within x-town” in order to locate more masculine places than unisex ones.

While You’re At the Shop

You should look for confidence. You want confidence in your barber. When you walk in, confident barbers will smile at you, look you in the eyes, and give you a firm handshake . A first-time barber might avoid eye contact or give you the look of a limp fish.

A barber should be able to confidently advise you on what is best for you, based on your needs and facial structure. Barbers with little experience and no confidence in their craft will do what the client requests, even if it is not what they want. Good barbers will be able to offer suggestions and make suggestions to clients to help them find the right cut for them. A good barber will always do what the client requests, even if it is a bad cut.

Pay attention to how well-trained the barber. Give your new barber a chance. How is grooming himself? You can bet that if the barber does a poor haircut and shave, it is likely that he will give crummy haircuts or shaves. What about his clothes? Clean and pressed. He will be more attentive to details in the haircuts that he does. Because he is in the business to help men improve their professional and personal image, a great barber will take personal grooming very seriously.

Pay attention to the cleanliness of the shop. If you find that just looking at a shop is too much, move on. Although most cities have removed the “lice shops”, which were common in the 19th century and early 20th centuries of the city’s history, it is better to be safe than sorry.

You should also check for cleanliness and order. A barber who is meticulous will ensure that his shop and work area are clean. You may notice that the barber is cluttered with tools and has mounds of hair under his chair. This could reflect in the way your hair looks.

Is the barber asking the right questions? Listen to the barber when he drapes your hair around your neck while you are seated in the chair. Davis suggests that if the barber asks you the first question “What is the number on the sides?” then you should run to the nearest shop. Clipper guards are often used by barbers to cut hair. They can be lazy and untrained. Aside from that, haircuts made with only clippers are often mediocre. You mean, seriously. you can get a haircut, if you know how many guards to use. You don’t have to pay $10 for a man to do something that you can do yourself.

Jackson states that a good barber will ask questions such as, “What do I like about my hair?” and “What don’t you like?”. “Do you wish to change your style?”

Is the barber asking for feedback after the haircut? A good barber will ask for your feedback during a haircut. A good barber will let you see your hair in a mirror so that they can check if it is too long or if the shape of your back is right for you. A good barber will ask for feedback throughout the haircut to avoid any potential disasters. Bad barbers won’t ask for feedback until you are able to move around in the chair and look in the mirror. It’s too late. You will be walking the streets looking like a fool until you get your next haircut.

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