Questions To Ask Your Barber To Get The Perfect Haircut

questions to ask your barber

There are many questions to ask your barber that guys have about their hair, beards, and style. Many resources online can help you find answers. You can also ask your barber questions about your hair, beard, and health. To help your barber give you the perfect haircut, this article will outline all the questions to ask your barber men should ask.

How to Talk to Your Barber

It can be intimidating to first visit a barber if you have never done so before. There is nothing to be concerned about. Your barber is a professional and is dedicated to making you feel and look your best and some shops such as Goodfellas help you wind down to keep stress low by offering a brew or wine!

It’s a great idea to give your barber a description of what style you prefer when you sit down in the chair. Once you have decided on the style you want, you can now specify how much you’d like removed. Do not say “Give me Bob a trim” or “Just slightly off the top,” barbers hate that. A barber’s cut is not the same as another barber’s. To avoid having your hair cut too short, be precise about how much you want.

Let your barber know if you aren’t sure how much you want. To see if it suits you, they will cut some off. If you prefer it shorter, they will cut it off. If you are a ‘clippers guy’, you should memorize the numbers for the guards you use. You can then simply walk into the barber and say, “I want a 3 along the sides and a 4 at the top.”

Your hair taper is usually long at the top, and shorter as you get down to your neck. There are two options: a taper that is very long or short, but most men have some type of taper. Tell your barber if you want your hair cut shorter or longer. Ask your barber for help explaining the taper. You can ask them to show you how it looks in the mirror. Your neckline is the same. Your barber may ask you to specify the type of neckline that you want.

There are three options when it comes to choosing the neckline that you would like:

  • Blocked – A blocked nape is a straight line that runs along the natural neckline. If done correctly, your neckline can look like a square block.
  • Round – The rounded neckline takes the corners off of a blocked nape.
  • Tapered-A tapered neckline is not designed to create a strong line at your nape, but follows the natural neckline. The tapered neckline gradually reduces the length of your hair as you get closer to the neckline.

Texturing is a common feature of modern hairstyles for men. These terms should be discussed with your barber if your goal is to give your hair texture for the perfect cut.

  • Choppy – Choppy texturing adds volume and texture to your hair.
  • Razored A barber will trim your hair with a straight razor. This helps your hair lie flatter on your head and reduces bulk.
  • Layered Layers can give your hair volume and depth if you have thin hair.
  • Thin – Ask your barber for a thinning shears to trim some volume from your thick mane.

You are welcome to show your barber pictures of the hairstyles you like, even if you don’t have any descriptive skills. You now know how to describe your hairstyle. Now it’s time for the more difficult questions. These questions will help you improve your style and make your relationship with your barber stronger. We are often not honest with ourselves about our health as men. Research has shown that your barber is just slightly more likely to spot potential health risks than your doctor. Your relationship with your barber will make it easier for you to spot potential medical conditions before they become serious.

Goodfellas Master Barbershop believes that men need to be groomed in order to feel and look their best. Our high-end barbers will give you the best haircut and the most pleasant experience. Contact us today to make an appointment!