Traditional Or Electric Shaving: Which Should You Choose?

Traditional Or Electric Shaving

Should you choose traditional or electric shaving? This question is a common one among those who have searched for the perfect manscaping tool. 

This is a simple question, but it can be difficult to answer. Both methods can be effective when used correctly (Proper Shaving Technique key), but each method has its advantages and disadvantages.

Today we will be trying out these two methods of shaving. To make it easier, we have created a list of criteria we will be comparing in order to determine who wins. Now let’s see who takes the cake! Traditional or electric shaving!

  • Convenience and Maintenance
  • Cost
  • Shave Quality

1. Convenience and Maintenance


Traditional shaving can be tedious. To get everything ready and ready to go before you start shaving It can take a long time to wash your face, apply aftershave, and then wet it again.

It is much easier and more straightforward to maintain your razor blades. It is a great convenience to be able to swap out an old blade in seconds.


Many people are switching to electric shavers because they require very little preparation before you begin shaving. An electric razor doesn’t require you to wet or lather your face. However, aftershave shouldn’t be skipped as they can cause micro-tears and irritation which could lead to infection.

It is simple to replace the blades, but it can be tedious to keep your blades clean and oil them.

2. Cost


A traditional razor blade will cost you about $15 for a good-quality handle. New razor blades can be purchased at a low price of only 15 cents per blade. This is the most affordable and economical way to shave. Multi-blade razor cartridges are the exception to this rule. These can be more affordable than electric shavers, depending on how frequently you replace them.


You may think that electric shavers cost more when they are on sale for under $30. However, many users report that these shavers break within months or worse, tear their skin while trying to get a close shave.

We recommend that you invest in mid- or higher-end shavers if you don’t want to have a miserable shaving experience. The price ranges from $50 to $400 and replacement blades can cost well over $20 per blade. It’s clear that the electric route is more expensive.

3. Shave Quality


You will always get a closer shave with traditional shaving than electric razors. The blade can be controlled more precisely and you can decide where to shave next. This is especially helpful for those who are still learning to shave or trying to shape their edges.

This method of shaving is less irritating than electric if you want to achieve a close shave. Traditional shaving can still cause razor burn and cuts, but this can be reduced by using shaving creams and the proper technique.


Although electric razors may not get as close to traditional razors as they can, their strength lies in the speed of their operation. It’s a huge advantage to be able to trim your facial hair in a matter of minutes, especially if you are short on time. You can easily trim your mustache and beard with the many attachments available. Even though you won’t get cuts, razor burn can still occur if your razor isn’t handled properly.

Who is the winner?

We decided to use electric shavers after weighing the pros and cons. Traditional shaving is still an economical and effective way to shave your head or cutting that long or short beard. However, electric shavers offer many advantages, including the ease of applying shaving cream and not needing to wet your face.

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